The First 300 Inks


Today is my one year blogiversary, which is great timing since today I published my 300th ink review. Every time I complete 100 ink reviews I talk about my favorite inks by color. These are my current favorites, not favorites of all time or ones you should rush out and buy, just some inks I'm really enjoying right now. 

The First 100 Inks

The First 200 Inks

The rules: the inks have to have been in the first 300 ink reviews. They have to be my current favorites in that color, meaning the ones I use the most often. My favorites change often, so these are the ones I have used the most in the last month. This time I decided to include 2-3 non-shimmer inks and one shimmer ink per color since I get so many questions about shimmer inks lately. So let's jump in! 


Black inks are great classics. Everyone should have at least one great black ink in their drawer. Currently I like Pilot Iroshizuku Take-sumi, Pelikan Edelstein Onyx, and Nemosine Coalsack Nebula. Click here to see the black inks together. 


Blue-blacks: I like Bungubox 4BDiamine Blue/black, and Sailor Sei-bokuClick here to see the Blue-black inks together.


Grey: I love grey, and yes I prefer to spell grey with an "e." Currently I like Diamine Earl Grey, Monteverde Smoke Noir, and Montblanc Oyster GreyClick here to see the grey inks together.


Orange: Diamine Golden HoneyRobert Oster PeachPapier Plume Sazerac, and Diamine Citrus Ice. Apparently I still prefer yellow-orange inks over straight orange inks. Click here to see the orange inks together. 


Yellow: Robert Oster Yellow Sunset, Montblanc Golden Yellow, Robert Oster African Gold, and Robert Oster Heart of Gold. I consider gold inks to be part of the yellow ink category. Click here to see the yellow inks together. 


Blue: Robert Oster Darkstar BlueRobert Oster Blue Water Ice, Lamy Pacific Blue, and Diamine Arctic Blue. There are so many great blues that it's hard to choose just four. Click here to see the blue inks together. 


Purple: Monteverde Amethyst, Robert Oster Summer StormPlatinum Lavender Black, and Diamine Frosted Orchid. Click here to see the purple inks together. 

I have learned so much about ink in the past year, and I'm hoping to learn a lot more in the next year. For 2018 I decided to make sure I review at least 6 inks of each color, so I'm dedicating one week per month to a specific color. Here's a peek at what's coming in the months ahead:








What inks are you loving right now?

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