Ink Review #105: Robert Oster Yellow Sunset

ROYellowSunset - 6.jpg

I have a love/hate relationship with yellow inks. I love yellow, because it's sunny and happy and bright. I hate yellow inks because you can't see the writing well enough, so you end up straining your eyes. So today I'm going to review Robert Oster Yellow Sunset-let's see where it falls on the love/hate scale. I got my sample of ink from Vanness Pens.

ROYellowSunset - 2.jpg

The color...

Yellow Sunset is a bright sunny yellow with shading.

ROYellowSunset - 5.jpg
ROYellowSunset - 16.jpg

In ink drops, the ink looks a bit more orange than it does in writing. 

Dry time: 40 seconds

Water resistance: Low

Feathering: None

Show through: Low

Bleeding: None

Other properties: Medium shading, no sheen

Ink swabs for comparison, left to right (top to bottom for RSS): Robert Oster Peach, Robert Oster Yellow Sunset, and Bungubox Sweet Potato Yellow. To see the Robert Oster inks together, click here.

Diamine Yellow, Rohrer and Klinger Helianthus, and Private Reserve Buttercup. To see the yellow ink swabs together, click here. Out of these inks, I think Private Reserve Buttercup is the closest in color.

ROYellowSunset - 1.jpg

I really liked this ink in a broad nib yellow Vanishing Point. Yes, I'm obsessed with Vanishing Points.

ROYellowSunset - 7.jpg

Longer writing:

I used Tomoe River paper, and started with a Pilot 912 FA, where there was a little bit of railroading. Then I switched to the broad yellow Vanishing Point. 

I was completely surprised by how much I loved this ink. Is it practical for every situation? No. Yellow ink is never going to be great for every use out there. Is it a fabulous color? Yes. I will absolutely use this ink for underlining and where I need to bring emphasis to something on the page. When I'm having a day where I'm in a mood, I'm gonna use this ink, and not care if it's not super practical, cause I really like it. As of right now, it's my favorite yellow ink. 

Disclaimer: I purchased this ink myself, and all photos and opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links on this page.