Lamy Pacific Blue


Lamy Pacific Blue is the Lamy ink that matches this year's Lamy Al-Star version, called Pacific. Pacific Blue is the same as Lamy Turquoise. I wish Lamy had released a new color to go with this year's Al-Star instead of just renaming an old ink and giving it a new cap.

The Lamy bottles are really growing on me. It still looks a little wonky without the black base piece, but it is a useful design. I love seeing the blue color in the bottle.


The color...

The ink is a beautiful blue, that gives off a red/pink sheen when concentrated. I love to coordinate my ink colors by season, and this would be a perfect summer blue.

This shows Lamy Pacific Blue on Rhodia paper. The left shows the very minimal ghosting and bleed through in one spot (the corner of the bottom swatch). There is no feathering, and the only sheen you can see on this paper is in the bottom swatch. On this paper, the shading is average, and shows the best on the broad nib and the 1.9 stub nib.

This shows the ink on a Nanami Crossfield, which uses Tomoe River paper. There is a fair amount of ghosting, and in one spot on the bottom swatch it almost bleeds through. The ink appears a little lighter on the Crossfield than on the Rhodia paper. There is some sheen on the flex and stub nibs as well as on the bottom swatch. I love this combination of ink and paper.

This shows Lamy Pacific Blue on Leuchtturm 1917 paper. The ink bled through in a few spots, and has a fair amount of ghosting. There is a lot of shading, but no sheen. The ink is darker on this paper than on on the Crossfield, very similar to the Rhodia. 

Out of these turquoise inks, I think Robert Oster's Australian Sky Blue is the closest to Lamy Pacific, but it doesn't have the sheen that Pacific does. 

This quote was done on Dingbats paper with a Lamy Al-Star, medium nib. This ink/nib combination shows ghosting on the other side but no feathering or bleed through. So far I'm really impressed with this Dingbats paper. 

Overall this is a great ink. It looks the lightest on Tomoe River paper, but it's a beautiful color no matter what paper you use. It's a great summer blue, and is a great blue to add to your ink drawer. Below is an affiliate link to the ink on Amazon.