The First 200 Inks

This week I hit the 200th ink review, which means it's time for another favorites by color post. Every 100 inks I post my three current favorite inks per color.  So far I have tried some amazing inks and some really awful inks. Here's a link to the First 100 Inks, if you want to see it. These are my current favorites, not favorites of all time or ones you should rush out and buy, just some inks I'm really enjoying right now. 

The rules: the inks have to have been in the first 200 ink reviews, sorry Robert Oster Heart of Gold, you're gonna have to wait for the 300th inks post. They have to be my current favorites in that color, meaning the ones I use the most often. My favorites change often, so these are the ones I have used the most in the last month. I know I use a lot of Robert Oster inks, but out of the 200 inks I have reviewed so far, 57 of them have been Robert Osters. So let's get started.

200-inks - 1.jpg

Black inks are great basic inks to have in your ink drawer. I have only reviewed five black inks so far but my three current favorites are Pilot Iroshizuku Take-sumi, Pelikan Edelstein Onyx, and Diamine Onyx Black. Click here to see the black inks together. 

200-inks - 2.jpg

Blue-blacks are harder for me since I've only reviewed four of them so far, but I like Diamine Blue/black, KWZ Warsaw Dreaming, and Robert Oster Blue Black. Click here to see the Blue-black inks together.

200-inks - 3.jpg

Grey-I love grey, and yes I prefer to spell grey with an "e." Currently I like Robert Oster Graphite, Organics Studio Arsenic Gray, and Diamine Earl Grey. Click here to see the grey inks together.

200-inks - 4.jpg

Brown: Robert Oster Melon Tea (Robert Oster Motor Oil is basically the darker version of this), Robert Oster Caffe Crema, and Diamine Espresso. Click here to see the brown inks together.

200-inks - 5.jpg

Red: Sailor Jentle Oku-yama (I prefer this one lately over Grenade just because it has a little bit more sheen), Robert Oster Australian Shiraz, and Robert Oster Clay Red. Click here to see the red inks together.

200-inks - 11.jpg
200-inks - 6.jpg

Orange: Robert Oster Peach, Sailor Jenle Apricot, and Papier Plume Sazerac. Apparently I prefer yellow-orange inks over straight orange inks. Click here to see the orange inks together. 

200-inks - 12.jpg

Yellow: Robert Oster African Gold, Robert Oster Gold Antiqua, and Robert Oster Yellow Sunset. Yellow inks are hard because so many of them are just too light for everyday use. Click here to see the yellow inks together. 

200-inks - 7.jpg
200-inks - 9.jpg

Teal: Robert Oster Tranquility, Sailor Jentle Yama-dori, and Robert Oster Deep Sea. I love teals. Click here to see the teal inks together. 

200-inks - 8.jpg

Blue: Lamy Pacific Blue, Akkerman #5 Shocking Blue, and Robert Oster Blue Water Ice. It's so hard to choose three favorite blues out of the 37 I've reviewed so far. Click here to see the blue inks together. 

200-inks - 10.jpg

Purple: Sailor Jentle Shigure, Sailor Jentle Ultra Marine, and Platinum Lavender Black. Click here to see the purple inks together. 

So there are my current favorite inks. What inks are you currently loving? Let me know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: All photos and opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links on this page.