Ink Review #128: Diamine Espresso

DEspresso - 12.jpg

Diamine Espresso is from the 2017 150th Anniversary collection from Diamine. So far, I have liked the collection. I purchased my sample from Vanness Pens

DEspresso - 1.jpg

The color...

Espresso is a light brown, with a cool tone. 

DEspresso - 11.jpg
DEspresso - 16.jpg

In ink drops, Espresso almost looks like black velvet.

Dry time: 42 seconds

Water resistance: medium-low

Feathering: None

Show through: Medium

Bleeding: None

Other properties: Low shading, medium sheen

Ink swabs for comparison, left to right (top to bottom for RSS): Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-guri, Diamine Espresso, and Diamine Cult Pens Deep Dark Brown. Yama-guri is a bit cooler than Espresso, and Deep Dark Brown is a bit warmer and darker. Click here to see the Diamine ink swabs together.

Diamine Macassar, Montegrappa Coffee Brown, and Pelikan Edelstein Smoky Quartz. Click here to see the brown ink swabs together.

DEspresso - 13.jpg

Longer writing:

I started with the Pilot 912 FA, and then switched to a broad nib. I love seeing the shading and sheen in the broad nib. 

Overall, this ink is really well behaved. It's a nice color, and has some sheen and shading to it. I think I need a full bottle of this one. 

Disclaimer: I purchased this ink myself, and all photos and opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links on this page.