Ink Review: Diamine Spring Green


Today's ink is Diamine Spring Green. I purchased my bottle of Spring Green from Cult Pens. Diamine has 14 greens in their standard line, and Spring Green is the lightest green in the lineup.

Here's a quick tip about purchasing Diamine inks: if you purchase Diamine in the United States, it usually costs between 7 and 8 dollars for a 30 ml bottle. If you purchase 30 ml bottles from Cult Pens, with the current exchange rate it costs 2.53 per bottle. Sometimes they also run free shipping to the United States promotions as well. A while back I stocked up on a bunch of Diamine bottles for 2.53 each and got free shipping (I am not affiliated or sponsored by Cult Pens in any way, I just love their prices on Diamine ink).

The color...

Spring Green is a bright Lime Green. There is some shading, and no sheen.

Feathering: Spring Green had no feathering.

Bleeding: Spring Green bled just a little bit on Leuchtturm paper, where I had some flow issues.

Ghosting: Spring Green had low to medium ghosting on all of the papers.

Shading: Spring Green had low shading on all of the papers, and no sheen. I did have a little bit of a flow issue with this ink. With the flex nib I had to twist the converter a bit to force more ink into the feed, since it kept running dry.

Left to right: Robert Oster Sublime, Diamine Spring Green, and Pilot Iroshizuku Chiku-Rin.

Left to right: Diamine Jade Green, Robert Oster Light Green, and J. Herbin Vert Pre. I think the closest ink to Spring Green is Robert Oster Sublime, but Sublime is a little bit more yellow.

Longer writing...

As I was writing, the ink seemed really light-so light that I was worried I wouldn't be able to see it well enough to read it. As it dried it got darker, but my eyes were still straining to read it.

Diamine is known for their well-behaved inks, but I had some issues with Spring Green running very dry in the pen. There was low shading, but in the lighter spots it's too light for comfortable reading. Overall, this is not an ink I would purchase again. I will probably use the rest of the bottle for drawing, or brush lettering, but I wouldn't use it for everyday writing.

Disclaimer: I purchased this ink myself, and all opinions and photos are my own. There are no affiliate or sponsor links on this page.