Ink Review: Diamine Bilberry


Diamine Bilberry has been on my list of inks to try for quite a while now. Bilberries are similar to blueberries, and can be found in Europe. I've just started playing with some ink sketches, so please forgive my sad art skills. I purchased my bottle of Bilberry from Cult Pens

The color...

Bilberry is a beautiful purple with amazing coppery sheen.

Seriously, those are some sexy ink drops. That sheen is amazing.

I love that the sheen even shows up in the writing.

Feathering: Bilberry had no feathering.

Bleeding: Bilberry had no bleeding.

Ghosting: Bilberry had low ghosting on Rhodia and Baron Fig paper, and medium ghosting on Tomoe River and Leuchtturm.

Shading and sheen: Bilberry had no shading. It had medium sheen on all of the papers except Tomoe River, where it had high sheen. 

Left to right: Diamine Flowers Iris, Diamine Bilberry, and Diamine Imperial Blue. 

Left to right: Sailor Jentle Ultra Marine, Diamine Flowers Pansy, and Monteverde Charoite.

I think the closest ink to Bilberry is Sailor Jentle Ultra Marine. It has a similar tone, it's just lighter than Bilberry. It has a similar sheen as well.

Longer writing...

I've started using a portion of The Hobbit for my writing examples, I'm sure by the time I review all of the inks I want to I'll have written out the entire book. I used a Noodler's Ahab for this writing, on Tomoe River paper. The ink showed sheen on every word I wrote. 

Diamine inks are known for being well behaved, and this ink is no exception. It is very well behaved and has a crazy gorgeous sheen, even showing sheen on papers that usually don't show sheen. Honestly, I'm in love with this ink-it's gorgeous. 

Disclaimer: I purchased this ink myself, and all opinions and photos are my own. This post does not contain affiliate links.