Ink Review: Diamine Kelly Green

Diamine Kelly Green is one of 16 green inks in Diamine's classic line. I love that Diamine inks are consistently well behaved. All of the ones I have tried so far have had average flow, and little to no feathering and bleeding. 

Available bottles: 

Kelly Green is available in cartridges, 30 ml bottles and 80 ml bottles. I love 30 ml bottles. They are the perfect size for me-small enough that I don't worry about buying a whole bottle, but plenty of ink to do a good ink review and have a little bit left over. I always put a 3-hole punch reinforcer sticker and a quick swipe of ink on the lid to make the correct ink bottle easier to find. 

The color...

Kelly Green is a medium green with low shading. 

Kelly Green shows some shading in large swabs. 

The ink drops showed an almost black color when the ink is concentrated. It looks almost looks a little bit fuzzy in the black areas. 

Feathering: Kelly Green did not feather on any of the papers. 

Ghosting (show through): Kelly Green has low to medium ghosting on all of the papers.

Shading: Kelly Green had medium shading. There is no sheen. 

Bleeding: Kelly Green only bled on Baron Fig paper, but did great on the other papers.

Inks for comparison, left to right: Robert Oster Ryde Green, Diamine Kelly Green, and Akkerman #28 Hofkwartier Green. I think the closest ink to Kelly Green is Hofkwartier Green. 

Left to right: Robert Oster Light Green, Diamine Meadow, and Robert Oster Green Lime.

Longer writing...

I decided to switch it up today and use multiple nib sizes for the longer writing. I switched between flex, extra fine, fine, medium, and broad.

Overall, Kelly Green is a well behaved ink with an average flow and dry time. It's a great summer green.

Disclaimer: I purchased this ink myself, and all photos and opinions are my own. there are no affiliate links on this page.