Ink Review: Diamine Meadow

Today's ink is Diamine Meadow. I purchased my bottle of Meadow from Cult Pens. The bottle is 50 ml of ink. Please ignore my sad tree drawing skills, but look at the leaves and how much shading this ink gives-it's not a ton, but it's enough to be interesting.

The color...

Meadow is one of the lighter Diamine greens. There is some shading and no sheen.

The edges of the ink drops are so dark they are almost black.

Feathering: Meadow had no feathering on any of the papers.

Bleeding: Meadow only bled through on the Tomoe River swab.

Ghosting (show through): Meadow had low to medium ghosting on all of the papers.

Shading: Meadow had medium shading, and no sheen.

Left to right: Diamine Kelly Green, Diamine Meadow, and Akkerman #28 Hofkwartier Green. Since both Kelly Green and Hofkwartier Green are very close, I would say they are both close matches for Meadow.

Other inks for comparison, from left to right: Robert Oster Green Lime, Robert Oster Verde de Rio, and Robert Oster Ryde Green.

Longer writing...

I wrote a quote from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, on Tomoe River paper with a Noodler's Ahab flex nib.

Overall, I liked this ink, it had some good shading. I really liked it in the flex nib. It had an average flow and no sheen. Seasonally, I would use this in the spring or summer.

Disclaimer: I purchased this ink myself, and all photos and opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links on this page.