Krishna Sea and Storm

Today's ink is Krishna Sea and Storm, from the Super Rich Series of inks. I got my bottle of ink from The Pen World. The bottle is 20 ml of ink. 

The color...

Sea and Storm is a medium purple. Seasonally, I would use this ink in the fall or winter.

In large swabs on Tomoe River, Sea and Storm has just a tiny bit of copper sheen. 

The ink drops took four days to dry. There is just a tiny bit of sheen on the edges. 

Dry time: On Rhodia paper, in a medium nib, the ink dried in about 35 seconds.

Feathering: Sea and Storm feathered on Rhodia, Leuchtturm, and Baron Fig paper. 

Show through: Sea and Storm had medium show through on all of the papers.

Bleeding: Sea and Storm bled only bled on Baron Fig paper, but did well on the other papers.

Other properties: Sea and Storm had a tiny bit of sheen in large swabs and ink drops, but not in writing.

Ink swabs for comparison: Papier Plume Mardi Gras Indian Purple, Krishna Sea and Storm, and Diamine Grape. To see all of the Krishna inks together, click here.

Left to right: De Atramentis Black Currant, Diamine Cult Pens Deep Dark Purple, and Organics Studio Jane Austen. Click here to see all of the purple swabs together. 

Longer writing:

I used a Noodler's Ahab flex nib on Tomoe River paper. The ink had an average flow.

Overall, I think the ink has too much feathering and takes too long to dry. Diamine Grape or De Atramentis Black Currant might be good alternatives.

Disclaimer: I received this ink free of charge from The Pen World, in exchange for an honest review. There are no affiliate links on this page.