Christmas Inks 2018


I’ve been plugging along through Fall, made it through midterms alright, and then it hit me-Thanksgiving is next week. Usually I am 100% on top of Christmas but apparently I’m slipping this year. I don’t know why I didn’t realize it was so close, but it clicked in my head that Christmas is on its way, and I don’t even have my Christmas cards ordered yet. So yesterday I dragged the kids to the park, took some quick photos (they did not appreciate my efforts), edited them fast, made the card and got them ordered. I was blown away this morning when I got the email that they had already shipped. I will absolutely share them when they show up.

Now that I’ve ordered the Christmas cards, I need some inks. I went searching through my bottles of ink and pulled out all the reds and greens I would possibly use on my cards.


Green Inks

  • Robert Oster Green At Night

  • Robert Oster River of Fire

  • Diamine Sherwood Green

  • Robert Oster Peppermint Candy

  • Robert Oster Peppermint

  • Robert Oster Eucalyptus Leaf

  • Diamine Delamere Green

  • Diamine Ultra Green

  • Robert Oster Ryde Green

  • Diamine Kelly Green


Red inks

  • Diamine Oxblood

  • Diamine Red Dragon

  • Robert Oster Astorquiza Rot

  • Robert Oster Clay Red

  • Diamine Matador

  • Pelikan Edelstein Ruby

  • Robert Oster Sparkling Cranberry

  • Diamine Flowers Tulip

  • Robert Oster Red Gold

  • Diamine Wild Strawberry

Last year I used Robert Oster Peppermint and Robert Oster Clay Red, and I think I might actually stick with those again this year. Check back next week to see some metallic inks I love for Christmas as well. What inks are you using on your cards this year?