10 Stationery Podcasts in 2018


I hate quiet-I’m always listening to something so I love podcasts, and I listen to a lot of them. This year a few stationery podcasts stopped producing new episodes and some new podcasts popped up. I generally subscribe to about 10 stationery podcasts, so let’s talk about the shows I’m currently listening to (you can find 2017’s favorites here).

1. The Pen Addict-Brad and Myke know their stuff. They do a great job of talking about new stuff as well as great old stuff. If you’ve never listened before, start at episode 1 and work your way to the current show.

2. The Erasable Podcast-Johnny, Tim and Andy talk about stationery, but mainly pencils, and do a great job. I listen to every episode and always enjoy the show.

3. Art Supply Posse-I don’t enjoy the newer shows as much as the old shows, but they are still worth a listen. I love that they brought the show back, and am looking forward to how it evolves in 2019.

4. The Nib Section-this Aussie podcast is great at providing different perspectives and tastes. I love listening to the discussion.

5. RSVP-Dee, Less, and Lenore talk about everything stationery. I really enjoy that the hosts are all women and their different perspectives.

6. Fountain Pen Companion-Urban from fpc.ink (where I track my inks) talks about stationery with Anabelle, Daniel and Ana. They have good group discussions, and talk about a lot of new releases.

7. BYOB Pen Club-This podcast ended this year, but I enjoyed listening to the episodes that were made.

8. Goulet Pens-The Goulet Pens weekly Q&A, hosted by Brian, is offered as a podcast, but most of the time I watch it on Youtube instead so I can see the pens he's talking about. Brian's Youtube videos are what got me into fountain pens in the first place, so it's always on my to-listen list.

9. Anderson Pens-Brian and Lisa host a weekly episode about what's new and exciting in fountain pen land. Like Goulet Q&A, I prefer to watch this one on Youtube so I can see the pens they talk about. 

10. Make Do-Tiff and Julia talk about being creative and the different ways they make art happen. I enjoy all the different art styles they discuss.

So that's my top ten podcasts about stationery in 2018. Am I missing out on any other great podcasts? Let me know in the comments below!