10 Stationery Podcasts in 2017

I found podcasts this year. I had no idea there was a podcast about stationery, let alone that there were multiple. I had no idea that so many new stationery podcasts would start up in 2017 either. Here's a screen shot of my podcast player on my phone today. I use the Podcasts app on my iPhone to listen.

Podcasts - 1.jpg

I went looking for a list of great podcasts about stationery, but didn't really find one, so here's mine: top 10 stationery podcasts I listened to in 2017. These are in no particular order.

1. The Pen Addict-Brad and Myke are really entertaining, but fair warning: if you start listening you may want to go back and listen to all 287 episodes. It happened to me, it may happen to you...if it does, start at episode 1 and work your way forward.

2. The Erasable Podcast-Johnny, Tim and Andy talk about stationery, but mainly pencils, for 87 episodes. I blame these guys for my budding pencil addiction. 

3. Art Supply Posse-I wish this show was still running, because it's awesome. They talk all things art supplies. Even though the show isn't being made anymore, the 48 episodes are still worth a listen.

4. The Nib Section-this podcast is new this year, but shows a lot of promise. Made in Australia, with plenty of different voices discussing pens and stationery.

5. RSVP-Dee, Less, and Lenore talk about everything stationery. They have done a few good interviews this year as well, which I really enjoyed.

6. Function-I only found this podcast recently, but so far I've enjoyed every episode I've listened to. They throw in some discussion about engineering as well as stationery.

7. BYOB Pen Club-This podcast began just recently, so there aren't that many episodes yet. There are 8 hosts, and they rotate guests in as well, discussing stationery and pens. One word of caution with this one, there are some swear words thrown in, so it's not one I listen to in front of the kids.

8. Goulet Pens-The Goulet Pens weekly Q&A, hosted by Brian, is offered as a podcast, but most of the time I watch it on Youtube instead so I can see the pens he's talking about. Brian's Youtube videos are what got me into fountain pens in the first place, so it's always on my to-listen list.

9. Anderson Pens-Brian and Lisa host a weekly episode about what's new and exciting in fountain pen land. Like Goulet Q&A, I prefer to watch this one on Youtube so I can see the pens they talk about. 

10. Inkdependence-Mike does a weekly Youtube hangout on Fridays. I know this isn't a podcast, but it's once a week and awesome, so it's an honorary podcast. The link will take you to his most recent episode. 

So there's my top ten podcasts about stationery in 2017. A post from me with only one image-who knew that was even possible? Am I missing out on any other great podcasts? Let me know in the comments below!