Paperblanks Nova Stella


I have heard about Paperblanks notebooks for a while, and every time I see one I ooh and aah over the design. The designs are a bit flashy for me, but they are always very detailed and fancy. The main thing that kept me from purchasing one was the ruling-Paperblanks notebooks are only available in blank and lined. Dot grid is my favorite, but if it’s not available I usually go for grid, but they aren’t available options as of this year. I saw this one when I visited Paperquirks a few months ago and decided to finally try one. This is the Nova Stella Notebook.



The notebook is 7” by 9”, the Paperblanks Ultra size.



The binding is smyth sewn and features lined, acid-free forest paper. There is a red bookmark, a pocket in the back cover and an elastic closure.


The spine is very detailed, and goes well with the design on the front and back.


The paper edges are printed, which is unusual-most currently available notebooks don’t have this feature.

Fountain Pens:


I would say the paper is slightly fountain pen friendly. The paper does pretty well with extra fine nibs, and okay with fine nibs, but in the medium and broad nibs shows feathering and bleeding.

If you use this notebook with fountain pens, I would suggest sticking to extra fine and fine nibs.

Gel Pens and Pencils

The paper handled gel pens, pencils and highlighters really well, no problems there.

Overall, I would probably only use pencils and gel pens in this notebook since I prefer medium and broad fountain pens. The notebook is well-designed but I wish the paper was a bit better with fountain pens and available in more ruling options.

Disclaimer: I purchased this item myself, and all photos and opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links on this page and this post is not sponsored in any way.