Sailor Jentle Four Seasons


I fell in love with the 8 original Sailor Jentle inks that I reviewed earlier this year, so I'm excited to review the 8 inks from the Four Seasons collection. Sailor did come out with another Four Seasons collection in 2016, but I'll cover that set another time. 

These inks are very wet, and well behaved. Every single ink shows tons of sheen, which I love. The inks were designed to match the four seasons of the year, two inks for each season. While I think it is a fabulous idea, I don't agree with a lot of the seasons they chose for each ink. I think Miruai matches better with winter than spring, for example.


The 8 inks:

Miruai: Spring

Nioi-Sumire: Spring

Doyou: Summer

Souten: Summer

Oku-Yama: Fall

Yama-Dori: Fall

Shigure: Winter

Tokiwa-Matsu: Winter

The ink bottles are short and wide, which make it hard to fill a fountain pen. The ink is super bubbly, which isn't a bad thing, just interesting.

Each bottle comes with this "easy fill funnel" which frankly is a waste of plastic. It's awful, and just makes filling a pen harder. I take the funnel out of my bottles and recycle them. 

As a collection, the inks have a variety of colors, but they all have lots of sheen. For the next 8 days I'll post a review of one of these inks. Below is a link to where you can find them on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I purchased these inks myself, and all opinions and photos are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.