Baron Fig Nomad vs. Post-it Super Sticky Notes


I bought these sticky notes from Baron Fig's website a few weeks ago (you can find them here), and was super excited to see sticky notes with a dot grid. I prefer grid paper, but dot grids are better than blank in my opinion. I use a lot of sticky notes, so I wanted to test these out and see how they compare to white Post-it super sticky notes.

The Nomad sticky notes come in a three pack, and each note pad has 70 sheets. So you are paying $8.00 for 210 sticky notes, coming out to 3.8 cents each. The Post-its come in a 5 pack, and each pad has 90 sheets. So you are paying $9.99 for 450 sticky notes, coming out to 2.2 cents each.

According to the back, each pad is 3" x 3", which is the same advertised size as the Post-its. The Post-its actually measure 3" x 3" while the Nomad pads are 2 15/16" x 2 7/8". The size didn't bother me, but I wish the dimensions were true to advertised size. The Nomad has rounded corners, while the Post-its have squared. The Nomad's color is more off-white, while the Post-its are a true white. The Post-its are about twice as thick as the Nomad's (which seem very thin and flimsy).

I really liked using the pencils on these notes. The paper has just a little bit of tooth to it, making it a little more pleasant to use with pencils than the Post-its.

Both performed well with the pens and a highlighter I had on my desk. I did prefer the dot grid over the plain style (the Nomad only comes in dot grid, while you can find some Post-its in grid and blank). The picture shows that the Nomad notes do curl up a lot more than the Post-its. I stick a lot of notes up on my desk, so three days ago I stuck one of each on my desk. The Nomad fell off after about 30 seconds, and the Post-it is still hanging on.

Both handled fountain pens better than I expected. The Nomad had feathering on all except the Lamy 2000 EF. The Post-its had feathering on all of the writing. Both showed Robert Oster Tranquility's shading (that ink is amazing by the way, you can read about it here). For fountain pens, I would suggest the Nomad, but I would stick to extra fine nibs.

Overall, I think the Nomad handles pencils and fountain pens just a little bit better than the Post-its, but I'm disappointed in the flimsiness of the paper and the staying power of the sticky strip. The Post-its are better if you need your notes to stick to a wall. I think it comes down to personal preference-I will keep using both, but I don't think I would purchase the Nomad again. You can find links for both products below: 

Baron Fig Nomad

Disclaimer: I purchased both of these products with my own funds, and all opinions and photos are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.