Ink Palette: Fall Sunset

FallSunsetPalette2017 - 3.jpg

I'm obsessed with oranges and yellows right now, which is weird because I usually hate orange. Sorry, all you orange lovers out there, but orange always makes me think of pumpkins and Halloween. It's just not usually my thing, but since it's fall, orange is allowed. 


I'm in love with sunset photos. No two look alike, and yet they are always beautiful.

FallSunsetPalette2017 - 1.jpg

So I picked out five different colors that showed up in the photo.

FallSunsetPalette2017 - 2.jpg
FallSunsetPalette2017 - 6.jpg

Out of these five pen and ink matches, I love the Copper Mule with Onyx and the Yellow Vanishing Point with Yellow Sunset the best.

PEOnyx - 1.jpg

Onyx has low shading and low sheen, and is a fabulous black. 

MCoffeeBrown - 1.jpg

This ink is a dark, saturated brown. Why don't more people like brown inks? Brown is awesome.

ROOrange - 1.jpg

This ink is a really bright orange, and really suited to Fall.

ROPeach - 1.jpg

This ink has some gorgeous shading-try it, because it's amazing.

ROYellowSunset - 1.jpg

This is my favorite yellow right now. No, it's not super practical, but it's bright and sunny, so I use it anyway.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 9.38.35 PM.png

So these are the inks I'm using right now (or the ones I was using three weeks ago when I wrote this post). What inks are you using right now?