Notebook Review #7: Rhodia Webnotebook

RhodiaWebnotebook - 3.jpg

Today's notebook is the Rhodia Medium Webnotebook. I've noticed that almost every fountain pen/ink reviewer uses Rhodia paper for reviews. Honestly, it's not my favorite. I prefer Tomoe River paper over Rhodia, but I'm also addicted to shading and sheen, so to each his own. I do think it's very useful for reviewing ink. 

I have used every single page of this notebook over the past few months, and it has held up beautifully. I purchased mine from Goulet Pens. It has one black bookmark, which hasn't shown any signs of fraying. There is an elastic closure. It's an 8.3x5.5 inch A5 size.

RhodiaWebnotebook - 4.jpg

The branding is on the front and stamped into the cover. I appreciate that the logo is small and the same color as the cover, but I wish it was on the back instead of the front. I'm not crazy about notebooks that have branding on the front cover. 

The best thing about this notebook is that you can't really stain the cover. If you spill some ink on it, it just wipes off, which is great for me and my messy ink habits.

RhodiaWebnotebook - 5.jpg

The paper is ivory 90 gsm Clairfontaine 5 mm dot grid. I do wish the pages are numbered. The Rhodia Goalbook recently came out, which has numbered pages, and I will review that soon.

RhodiaWebnotebook - 1.jpg

The notebook is slightly narrower than an A5 Leuchtturm notebook.

RhodiaWebnotebook - 2.jpg

This notebook is just slightly longer than an A5 Leuchtturm notebook. 

So now let's evaluate the paper inside the notebook:

RhodiaWebnotebook2 - 5.jpg

This Rhodia paper does show some sheen, but a lot less than Tomoe River does. 

Markers did alright on this paper, but the sharpie and prismacolor premier both bled not only onto the back side of the page, but the next page as well. 

Gel and pigment pens did okay, but again, the paper is really smooth, so I would prefer to use gel pens on other papers.

You can use pencils on this paper, but it is too smooth to work well. I don't like pencils on Rhodia paper.

I think every paper is good for something. Just as Baron Fig is great for pencils, and Leuchtturm is great for gel pens, Rhodia is great for fountain pens. 

Disclaimer: I purchased this notebook myself, and all photos and opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links on this page.