Sailor Ink Studio Wish List


Now that I’ve reviewed all 100 Sailor Ink Studio inks, I wanted to share my favorites from the set and a few things I’ve learned about them.

Dual Shaders:

The most unique inks in the set are the ones that have one base color and shade to one or two different colors. Inks with dual shading are: 173, 130, 150, 442, 142, 162 and 123. 223 and 462 also have similar shading, but because they are darker than their siblings, it’s harder to see the shading. 123 seems to be the most popular from the set, and for good reason. It’s a grey base with green and purple shading. 162 is it’s opposite-green with purple and grey shading. 173 and 130 are opposites of each other too-173 is orange with pink and yellow shading, 130 is pink with yellow and orange shading. All of these are on my wish list because they are so unique, but because they are so light I prefer to use them in larger, wetter nibs.


Unique Colors:

After comparing all 100 inks to inks I already have, the ones that stand out as the most unique to me just based on color are: 335, 650, 543, 740, 264, 160, 260, 770 and 464. 770’s color isn’t necessarily unique, but because useable yellow inks are so hard to find I wanted to include it. All of these are on my wish list.


If you’re looking for sheen, stick to the higher numbers. Pretty much every ink with a number over 500 has at least a little bit of sheen.



Q: Which one is closest to Lamy Dark Lilac?

A: Dark Lilac seems to have become the ink that got away for many people so I’m always on the lookout for a dupe. 735 and 935 are both very similar, 935 is a tiny bit darker. Both have a little bit more red than Dark Lilac does, but both are passable alternatives.

Q: Where can I buy these inks in the United States?

A: Sailor USA does not allow these inks to be sold online in the US, but you can find them in-store at:

If you aren’t close to either of those, you can order them online from:

If you have tried any of the Sailor Ink Studio inks, which is your favorite?