Super Sheeny Blues


It’s time to share an unpopular opinion: I don’t like super sheeny inks. (Yes, I’m now ducking for cover!) Why you ask? If you look at these inks they look great right? Deep blues with lots of sheen. Pretty, interesting, fun. This page has been dry for five days so most people would say it’s completely dry. However, as soon as I run my hand across the page, as I often do when referring to past notes, this happens:


The horror! All the pretty sheen smears across the page. I’m not even using water or anything-just my bare hand. For my general use writing I try to stick to inks that won’t smear if I touch them later. All of the monster sheening blues smear at least a little, and even some of the high sheening ones smear too (this article on sheen explains the difference between high and monster sheen). Out of the monster sheeny blues in general use I have found Diamine Maureen to be the least smeary. When I want a sheeny blue I usually reach for: Monteverde Sapphire, Akkerman Shocking Blue or Blackstone Barrier Reef Blue, all of which are pretty smear-proof. Am I the only one that feels this way? How do you feel about super sheeny inks?