Ink Palette: Autumn Sky


Fall is here, and let’s face it, Robert Oster makes some amazing fall colored inks. I decided to see if I could pull together a full ink palette today just using the Robert Oster inks I have.

Tangent-this is my favorite gold pen-the Sakura Pen-Touch 1.0 in Gold.

Tangent-this is my favorite gold pen-the Sakura Pen-Touch 1.0 in Gold.


While I love reds, oranges, yellows, and browns, I love throwing in the occasional ink that doesn’t seem particularly fall-ish (yes, that’s a word…right?). Blue, sky-colored ink is always appropriate. Let’s look at some swabs.

ROAstorquizaRot - 1.jpg

Astorquiza Rot is one of my favorite fall reds. It’s actually one of my favorite red inks overall.

ROTerracotta - 1.jpg

Terracotta is only available in the 100ml bottles, but it still works great for fountain pens. I had a few issues when I first reviewed it, but it’s worked well in all the pens I’ve used it in since then.


I love this color for fall. It’s hard to find good yellow inks, most of them are too light, but this one is almost a brown. Dark enough to see, but still yellow.


This is a great sky blue, love the color.


This ink is a recent release, but you can’t go wrong with any of Robert Oster’s blues.


What inks are you loving this October? Let me knowing the comments below!