Endless Recorder Notebook


I go through a lot of notebooks each year, a rather ridiculous amount, so I get excited to try out new notebooks. Today’s daily carry notebook is the Endless Recorder Notebook. I have the A5 with the Endless Space black cover. I brought this notebook with me to the San Francisco Pen show, and the leatherette cover (8.3 x 5.5 inches) has held up beautifully. In the US, this notebook is available for sale at Endless Works, Pen Chalet, Goulet Pens and more. Thanks to Endless Works for sending the notebook over for review.



This notebook contains 192 pages of 68gsm dot grid Tomoe River paper. This paper does a great job with fountain pens, no feathering or bleeding. It’s my favorite paper.


This paper handles most mediums well, but it does struggle a bit with pencils. I love it for fountain pens.


I love that this notebook contains a table of contents and can lay flat. This notebook also has a ribbon bookmark, a back cover pocket, and an elastic closure. Included with the notebook was a cloth drawstring protective bag, a silver bookmark engraved with my name and a packet of guide sheets.


I like that the pages are numbered, but if you look at the numbers you can see one of my concerns with this notebook. The cut on the pages are not even. There is less space on the bottom margin on page 9 than on page 13. This inconsistent cutting means that you can sometimes see the next page’s dot grid occasionally ghosting through on the current page.


The last 30 pages of the notebook are perforated. At the bottom of the photo you can see the inconsistent cutting again-you shouldn’t be able to see the guide lines.



The binding is stitch and glue bound. There are a few spots in the notebook where the glue has seeped into the binding and partially sealed a few pages together. I had to separate a few pages near the binding which lead to some tearing.

Overall, I like the cover and love the paper. I do have some concerns about the inconsistent cutting and the glue in the binding, which I hope they can work out over time since they are a relatively young company. This notebook has held up to daily use for a few weeks and the cover still looks brand new.

Disclaimer: All photos and opinions are my own. This product was provided by Endless Works for the purpose of this review. This post does not contain affiliate links and is not sponsored in any way.