Fall September Inks

If you were to look at my life, you might think I hate color. All of my furniture is brown, beige or white. 99% of my clothes are neutral and most of the time I even choose neutral-colored notebooks whenever possible, but when it comes to ink and pens I want all the colors of the rainbow. I’m a bit odd in that I like to switch up my colors with the seasons-pastels and light colors in the spring, bright happy colors in the summer, jewel tones and deeper colors in the fall and dark colors and icy blues in the winter. So while I love all the colors, I try to stick to a few carefully chosen colors that coordinate well with each other. Lately I’ve been using 4 colors per week-a great neutral, usually black or blue-black, and three coordinating colors. This lets me have a few options to play with while still having a great basic in there too. This month I decided to plan out my colors in advance. I picked up this Col-o-ring Oversize at the San Francisco Pen Show and thought it would be great for keeping my color palettes.


This week I’ve been holding onto the very last of summer here, sticking to some brighter inks.

  • Sailor Sei-boku

  • Monteverde Garnet

  • Montblanc Lucky Orange

  • Diamine Aurora Borealis

  • Sailor Kiwa-guro

  • Monteverde Pumpkin Cake

  • Monteverde Cherry Danish

  • KWZ Chicago Blue

  • Sailor Black

  • Robert Oster Australian Shiraz

  • Monteverde Olivine

  • Robert Oster Midnight Sapphire

  • Robert Oster Thunderstorm

  • Sailor Jentle Yama-dori

  • Robert Oster Berry d’Arche

  • Robert Oster Caffe Crema

How many pens do you use each week?