Diamine Scarlet


This week I'll be focusing on summer inks, and next Monday I'll explain why (sorry for the annoying teaser). Today we are going to talk about Diamine Scarlet. I have no idea why I've never heard of this ink before. I bought this bottle of Scarlet at Cult Pens

The bottle is 30ml of ink. It's a great size to really get to know an ink-it's much bigger than a 2-4ml sample, but not as big as an 80ml full bottle. I dislike the top of the bottles, however. You get a bunch of these bottles in a drawer, and you spend forever looking for the right one. I went through and put a (3-hole punch) reinforcer on the top of the bottle, then put a little bit of ink on it-it's so much easier to find the right bottle that way. The opening at the top of the bottle is just big enough to put in a fountain pen for filling, but sometimes it's a tight fit.

This ink goes pretty well with my Sailor Pro Gear Slim Pink Demonstrator. 

The color...

Scarlet is a bright pink, with gold sheen. Seasonally, I think this is a summer pink.

I really like that the swab (on the Col-o-ring) shows the gold sheen.

I really love this ink on Tomoe River paper. That sheen is amazing. I have no idea why people don't talk about this ink more.

Feathering: Scarlet only feathered on Baron Fig paper, but did great on the other papers. 

Bleeding: Scarlet only bled on Baron Fig paper.

Show through: Scarlet had low show through on Rhodia and Leuchtturm, medium on Tomoe River, and high on Baron Fig.

Shading: Scarlet had low shading on every paper except Baron Fig, where it had no shading. The sheen is gold, but only shows up on Tomoe River paper.

Similar inks: left to right, Diamine Scarlet, Akkerman #20 Pulchri Pink, Diamine Cerise, and Diamine Hope Pink.

Closest ink:

The closest ink to Scarlet is Akkerman #20 Pulchri Pink. Scarlet shows more sheen though.

Overall, I think Scarlet is a great summery pink. I really think it should be talked about more. Give it a try. There is a link below to where you can find this ink on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I purchased this ink myself, and all opinions and photos are my own.