Traveler & More Journal


I have been using this Traveler and More Leather Journal for a few weeks, and Traveler & More has kindly offered readers a discount code. Click on the link and use the coupon code MOI15OFF for a 15% discount.

The notebook features a sturdy leather cover with an elastic closure. After two weeks of using the notebook daily, the cover has just a few little scuffs but has held up perfectly. I love leather covers since they develop a lovely patina the more they are used. The paper is a cream 100gsm. There are four separate notebooks included, a grid, a planner, a lined, and a blank. There is also a kraft envelope insert and a plastic zip pocket and card holder.

Since there are four notebooks stacked on top of each other, it can be awkward to write on sometimes, depending on where you are in the stack. I’m not crazy about the brand name on the spine of the journal. I think it’s just a bit too noticeable.


The notebook has some fun details, a nice leather bookmark, and a leather piece on the elastic closure to help protect the notebook edges.


Plastic zip pouch

The plastic zip pouch is the same size as the notebooks and can hold a lot of extras. The other side holds 3 credit cards.


Fountain Pens

I tested out the new Taccia inks in a lot of different nibs.

There was just a tiny bit of feathering from Aka Red, but other than that the others did really well. There was also a little bit of bleeding, no where near what I expected. I don’t think I would use both sides of the page since I use so many different inks, but you could if the bleeding didn’t bother you or if you stuck to the non-bleeding inks.


Gel Pens and Pencils

The paper handled gel pens, pencils and highlighters really well, no problems there.

There’s a little bit of tooth to the paper, so it does really well with the pencils.


Overall, the paper did well with most fountain pens, with some bleeding from just a few. I think the notebook is a good value for the price, and would be a good Christmas gift for a stationery lover.

Disclaimer: This product was provided by Traveler & More for the purpose of this review. All photos and opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links on this page and this post is not sponsored in any way.