Ink Review #217: Papier Plume Heart of Gold


We are breaking away from pink week for one day, because today's ink is a bit time sensitive. Papier Plume Heart of Gold was created for the Pay-it-Forward Kickstarter, and is available until March 1, 2018. The Pay-it-Forward project takes donations of pens, ink and paper and turns them into starter kits they give away to help introduce people to fountain pens. This kickstarter helps grow the project-it includes: one pen, one ink and one set of notebooks. 


This is the pen-the blank was created by Jonathon Brooks of the Carolina Pen Company, and turned to a pen by Franklin-Christoph. These have already sold out.


These are the notebooks created by Story Supply Co. They come in packs of three. So now let's take a look at the ink!


The color:

Heart of Gold is a bright orange-red.


In large swabs it looks more red, but I was amazed by the yellow halo that appears in the large swabs and ink drops.  


Let's take a look at how the ink behaves on fountain pen friendly papers: Rhodia, Tomoe River, and Leuchtturm.

Dry time: 23 seconds

Water resistance: Medium-some of the ink washes away but you would probably still be able to read what was written.

Feathering: None

Show through: Medium-I love that the show through on Tomoe River paper is yellow, it makes the ink more interesting.

Bleeding: Low-just a little bit on Tomoe River, mainly in the flex nib and large swab.

Other properties: Low shading, no sheen, and no shimmer

On 20 pound copy paper there was a little bit of feathering but other than that the ink behaved well. 

Ink swabs for comparison, left to right (top to bottom for mobile RSS): Diamine Sunset, Papier Plume Heart of Gold, and PenBBS 138 Spessartine. Click here to see the Papier Plume inks together.


Longer writing: 

I used a medium Pelikan M800 Renaissance Brown on Tomoe River paper. The ink had an average to just slightly wet flow.


Overall, I really love the yellow halo, it helps the ink stand out from the crowd of orange inks. The ink is well behaved, and it's a great way to support the Pay it Forward project. Give it a try, you might love it.

Disclaimer: This ink was provided to me by the PIF Kickstarter for the purpose of this review. Photos of the kickstarter pen and notebook were used with permission, all other photos and opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links on this page.