Lamy Petrol


Lamy Petrol is the new ink for 2017 that matches the Lamy Safari pen for this year, called Petrol. The ink has been scarce this year, coming in drips and drabs. I found mine about two weeks ago on 

First off, let's talk about the bottle. It's their classic bottle, which holds blotter paper in the base. The base can be attached to the bottle to make it stable. . Honestly, the bottle without the base looks a little odd, but it is functional. 


The color...

The ink is dark, not quite navy color when concentrated. When used with smaller nibs, it looks more of a dark teal. This swab was done on the Col-o-ring by Skylab Letterpress.

This shows Lamy Petrol on Rhodia paper. The left shows the ghosting on the backside of the page, and the right shows the front. There is no bleed through, some ghosting, and no feathering. The only sheen I saw was on the big swatch at the bottom, but none in the writing.

This shows the ink on a Nanami Crossfield, which uses Tomoe River paper. There is no bleed through, but there is a lot of ghosting, mainly on the bottom swatch, and no feathering. There is a little bit of sheen on the flex nib writing, and some on the large stub nibs. There is lots of sheen on the bottom swatch. 


This shows Petrol on Leuchtturm 1917 paper. The ink has bled through on two spots. There is ghosting, but no feathering. There is some sheen, starting at the broad nib, and gaining more sheen as the nib gets bigger.

Baron Fig paper and Petrol ink do not get along! Every nib bled through and every nib showed feathering. There was no sheen, not even on the bottom swatch. Even the extra fine bled through and feathered like crazy. The ink itself looks washed out on this paper. 

Similar colors:

Aurora Blue-Black looks too blue, as does Lamy Blue Black and Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo. Sailor Miruai looks too green and Sailor     Chu-Shu looks too grey.

This quote was done on Dingbats paper with a flex nib. It shows a good range of how this ink can look, and the paper held up surprisingly well.

Overall this is a good ink, but the color and experience do really depend on the nib size you use and the kind of paper you are using. I think it's going to sell out really fast, so if you want some, order it quick! On Amazon, the only ink left is the cartridges. Below is an affiliate link for the cartridges.