Franklin Christoph Penvelope Six


So today we are talking about the Franklin Christoph Penvelope Six. I bought mine from Franklin Christoph's website. Mine is in suit grey, which is a cotton/polyester blend. It is six inches wide, 7 inches tall, and one and a quarter inches thick. It weighs six ounces when it is empty and is designed to hold six pens. The front flap has a magnet closure hidden beneath the fabric, which is great for keeping the case closed. 

The black lining of the pen case is very sturdy, and keeps the pens from scratching each other. I love the suit grey fabric-it's really durable, yet looks great.

There is a lot of room between the pen slots and the front of the case where you could store extra pens if you wanted. I tend to have more than six pens inked at one time, but I love the size of the case so I frequently make it carry extras.

The one downside to this case is it's harder to store pens that don't have clips. I tried to store my Kaweco Sport in this pen case, and the pen is so short that it just falls to the bottom of the case and the only way to get it out is to tip it upside down. I ended up putting a clip on my Kaweco Sport so it didn't get lost in the bottom. My Franklin Christoph Antique Glass doesn't have a clip either but it's tall enough that it still works in this case. 


These cases also come in a linen fabric and a leather option. I'm hoping to try a leather one out next. This case would also be great for just storing extra pens that aren't currently inked. I think my Retro 51 collection needs its own case, and this would be perfect to keep them all in one spot. 

Franklin Christoph also makes these cases in a 13 pen version and a 3 pen version. I'm hoping to try them out eventually, but I do really love this six pen size. I think the 13 pen version would be too big for me.


So this is what my pen case usually looks like-full of pens. Right now it has 15 pens in it, but I could even squeeze two more in if I tried. 


So I'm currently carrying:

Overall this is a really amazing pen case. It's one that stays on my desk everyday. I have used it every day for about five months and it still looks brand new. I would recommend this to anyone who uses fountain pens.