Diamine Ink Chart


It’s the last week of winter break, so I’ve been using the time off school to finish up projects I’ve been putting off including creating Col-o-dex cards for the bottled inks I own. I’ve been focusing on finishing up the Diamine swabs so here are a few of my favorites: Oxford Blue, 1864 Blue Black, Coral, Silver Fox, Marine and Soft Mint. I don’t know why I love Silver Fox so much but it’s one I always have inked up.


While I had all the inks out, I decided to make a chart of all of the Diamine classic inks. I posted a picture of the chart to Instagram and had lots of requests for a high resolution version. I used a Clairfontaine notebook and a Noodler’s Ahab I dipped in the ink (it would have taken forever to ink up the pen and clean it 104 times). I own a ton of Diamine inks since they are the first brand I got hooked on when I discovered fountain pens, and they are very affordable (I bought them from Cult Pens for $2.55 per 30 ml bottle). What’s your favorite Diamine ink?