Bond Travel Gear Field Journal & A5 Notebook


I love Tomoe River paper. I love it an unholy amount, it’s my favorite. I actually prefer 68gsm for most uses even though it shows just a little bit less sheen than 52gsm does. Bond Travel Gear sent over their Field Journal and A5 notebook for me to try and frankly, I’m in love.


Field Journal

The Field Journal is the cover which holds 1 A5 journal. I have the Black/Seafoam version.



The cover fits the journal perfectly, and has a few pockets on the inside as well as one on the back.


I prefer to only have the back cover tucked into the case rather than both sides. It makes it close just a little bit better than having both sides of the cover tucked in. There are pockets on the left side to hold some supplies. I have some page flags and post-its tucked into mine.


The A5 notebook measures 8.4” x 6” and sports a hard black cover. The inside cover is bright orange. The journal lays completely flat when open and has an orange elastic closure.


The paper is 68gsm Tomoe River paper with a 5mm dot grid-my favorite paper ever. I LOVE that the pages are numbered. It’s a pain in the neck to go through and number each page so I adore it when journals are already numbered.



I got a set of these Royal Talens Ecoline Brush Markers for Christmas and they were the first thing I tried in this notebook. There is some show through on the other side of the paper but nothing bled through to the other side (I ended up loving these markers, I’m pretty sure I need the rest of the colors).

Fountain Pens:


I used this notebook to create my Color Coding Ink Palettes post earlier this week (this is July’s). You can see some show through on the back side of the page but nothing bled through to the other side.


I tested out the pens I have currently inked and the paper handled all of them perfectly.

While there is some show through to the other side, but there was no feathering or bleeding, which is why this paper is my favorite for fountain pens.

Gel Pens and Pencils

Highlighters, pens and pencils worked well on the paper, but I do prefer to use softer pencils since the paper is a bit slick. There is some show through but no bleeding.

Overall, I love both the Field Journal and the A5 Notebook. I love the notebook’s paper, the lay-flat binding, the hard cover and the numbered pages. The Field Journal fits the notebook perfectly and protects the notebook while in my backpack. I will probably end up ordering a bunch of the notebooks since I go through so many each year.

Disclaimer: This product was provided by Bond Travel Gear for the purpose of this review. All photos and opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links on this page and this post is not sponsored in any way.