Monteverde Emotions


I love inks that come in a collection with a theme and I love the flow of Monteverde inks so the Monteverde Emotions set is a winner in my book. This set includes ten different inks, each named after a different emotion.


The set comes in a sturdy black case with a magnetic closure and a white slipcover.


Each bottle is 30ml. I love these little bottles, large enough to play but not so large that you feel you are stuck with the ink forever. The mouth of the bottle is wide enough to fit even my largest pens for filling.


The set includes: Peace Blue, Kindness Pink, Love Red, Gratitude Magenta, Passion Burgundy, Confidence Blue, Hope Green, Motivation Orange, Joy Sepia and Wisdom Purple.


Out of this set, Gratitude Magenta and Confidence Blue are my favorites. There are a lot of blue inks out there and Confidence Blue is a rather unique color.

Disclaimer: This product was provided by Monteverde for the purpose of this review. All photos and opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links on this page, and this post is not sponsored in any way.