Fall Faves 2018


Fall is my favorite season (I hate calling it Autumn, it will always be fall to me). I love fall for its hot chocolate, sweaters, boots and leaves. The only thing I hate is the spiders-one has taken up residence behind the side mirror of my car, and has managed to hang on through two car washes. I just can’t get rid of the critter.

What’s so exciting about fall stationery supplies? The colors! In general, I prefer to use browns, dark reds, oranges, yellows, dark teals, and navy in autumn. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite supplies this fall:



Some pens I’m obsessed with right now:

  • Montegrappa Copper Mule, fine nib-my husband gave me this pen for my last birthday, and I love the patina that develops on the copper.

  • Pelikan M605 White Transparent, medium nib-this pen is my favorite overall right now. The nib is just slightly bouncy, the color matches every ink and the size fits my hand perfectly. The M600 Turquoise is the LE available right now, which I also have and love. I prefer the 605 silver trim over the 600 gold trim, and would buy ten 605 pens if I could. I’ve heard some rumors that a M6XX orange may be coming later this year and I can’t wait!

  • Kaweco Al-sport Rose Gold, broad nib-I love the color of this pen, it’s gorgeous.

  • Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age, medium nib-this is one of my grail pens, but I knew it would never be in my budget brand new. A friend was selling a used one at an amazing price, and I couldn’t resist.

  • Pilot Vanishing Point Copper LE, broad nib-I love Vanishing Points. I own a few, and adore every one. The broad nib is my favorite, just slightly bouncy with good flow.


There are some pens that I think are very fall appropriate, so here’s a few I love:



Each week I usually put together a few inks I think go well together so I have some matching inks. This week I decided to stick with teals and oranges. The notebook I'm using is the Ivory Dot Grid Hippo Noto. I love these stamps, they are great for making a quick color chart.


While I love some colors specifically for the fall, neutral inks are always in style. Here’s some I love right now:


I love the A6 Euro Pocket envelopes by Cards and Pockets. They are the perfect size for A5 stationery, come in a million colors, and are sturdy. The colors I like for fall are: Bronze, Antique Gold, Copper, Brown, Wild Cherry, Tangy Orange, Citrine, Lockwood Green, and Imperial Blue. I may be a bit obsessed with the metallic ones. Lately I’ve been using loose pages from a Leuchtturm A5 dot grid notebook for my letters. I wish Leuchtturm offered an A5 writing pad.


USPS has done an amazing job on their stamps this season. Here’s a few I love:

  • Dragons-these stamps have little foil accents

  • Air Mail Blue-it looks like these ones are sold out online, but the red version is still available

  • Art of Magic

  • Oscar de la Renta

For wax seals I still use this glue gun from JetPens, and the Champagne Gold wax sticks from Back to Zero. The Rose Gold Envelope Addressing Template from Ink Me This helps me keep my envelops tidy and straight (which I need since I can't write in a straight line worth a darn). My two favorite wax seals right now are the Bespoke Monogram from Stampitude and the Damask stamp from Back to Zero. I use the Pen-touch 1.0 Gold marker for addressing my envelopes. I actually love this marker so much I’m planning to get it in Copper and Silver. The Ladd Designs address stamp saves me a lot of time since I write quite a few letters lately. They aren’t currently selling this Alexander design, but have some interesting new designs.



There are four main notebooks I’m using right now, the first three are for my college classes, and the fourth I use for everything else:


What are your favorite stationery supplies?

Disclaimer: I purchased these items myself, and all photos and opinions are my own. This post does contain affiliate links, but this post is not sponsored in any way.